Rosaynes “Rosy” Curbelo, EA

Loan OfficerRosaynes “Rosy” Curbelo, EA

3785 NW 82nd Ave
Suite 304
Doral, FL 33166
Of. 305-697-7211
Cell. 786-309-0965 x109
Company NMLS#2079333
Personal NMLS#2144545
Rosaynes "Rosy" Curbelo, Experienced Loan Officer and Community Advocate
Rosaynes "Rosy" Curbelo is a highly accomplished Loan Officer based in
South Florida. With a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of
the lending landscape, Rosy has become a trusted resource for
individuals and businesses seeking financing solutions tailored to
their unique needs.
Rosy Curbelo's journey in the financial industry has been defined by
her expertise in securing loans and helping clients achieve their
financial goals. She excels in connecting borrowers with the right
lending products, whether it's for purchasing a home, funding a
business venture, or any other financial endeavor.
Beyond her role as a Loan Officer, Rosy is deeply committed to her
community. She actively participates in events and initiatives aimed
at enhancing the local area and motivating aspiring leaders. Her
passion for community engagement shines through as she mentors and
supports the next generation of leaders.
In a competitive and ever-evolving lending landscape, Rosaynes "Rosy"
Curbelo stands out as a dependable and knowledgeable advisor. Her
dedication to her clients, combined with her extensive experience in
lending, ensures that individuals and businesses receive expert
guidance in securing the financing they need.
For all your lending needs, from mortgages to business loans and
beyond, turn to Rosy Curbelo. With her in-depth knowledge, commitment
to excellence, and a heart dedicated to community betterment, she is
not just a Loan Officer but also a valuable advocate for those seeking
financial success and community growth.