Preferred Partner
Ferreyros Law, PLLC & Title Law Group

At DEC Lending, we are committed to providing you with comprehensive and secure lending services. We understand that legal guidance is an integral part of ensuring a transparent and trustworthy lending experience. That's why we are proud to introduce our esteemed preferred legal council, Ferreyros Law, PLLC.

About Ferreyros Law, PLLC Ferreyros Law, PLLC, is a full-service property management firm located in Doral, FL, with a primary focus on real estate and property law. With over 14 years of experience, they have established themselves as a trusted authority in the field. Their expertise, dedication, and commitment to excellence make them the perfect partner for DEC Lending.

Our Partnership
Our relationship with Ferreyros Law, PLLC, is designed to provide our clients with the highest level of legal support and peace of mind. Ferreyros Law offers a wide range of legal services that align with the needs of our clients, including:
Contract Drafting
Tailored legal contracts to protect the interests of our clients in their lending transactions.
Loan Document Reviews
Ensuring loan agreements are transparent and compliant, protecting our clients' financial interests.
Tenant Collection
Ensuring efficient and professional rent collection for property owners.
Title Closings
Overseeing smooth and legally sound property transactions to secure ownership.
Landlord-Tenant Issues
Mediating and resolving disputes to maintain harmonious relationships.