DEC Lending provides private money or “hard money” loans for real estate investments both in residential and the occasional commercial scenarios. We can also offer a nationwide commercial mortgage program for hard money needs.


Being a quality private money or hard money lender, we understand that every client is unique and timing is everything, especially when it comes to investment properties. DEC provides true professional private money lenders for commercial and residential real estate investments.

5+ Units / Multi Family

Multi-family is a classification of housing where multiple units (5+) for residential use are contained within one or more buildings within one community or complex. At DEC Lending, we will lend to real estate investors looking to purchase or refinance multi-family properties with loan amounts of $250,000+.

Retail Store

Retail is any property used for commercial retail space such as a storefront for selling goods or services. DEC Lending will lend to real estate investors and business owners who are looking for a loan for: purchase, refinance, bridge to stabilization, bridge to sale, or bridge to construction take out from $250,000+.


Industrial is property classification used for manufacturing, production, warehouse and storage facilities. At DEC Lending, we will lend to real estate investors looking to purchase or refinance industrial properties with loan amounts of $250,000+.

Office Space

Office Space means space used primarily as work areas for personnel, conference areas, reception areas, hearing rooms, drafting areas, etc.


We have the knowledge in real estate, investing, and the legal field. We have the experience to provide guidance in real estate lending programs that allows us to offer you more services and strengthen our relationship.