Ivan Rivera


Cel. 786-488-7445; ivan@declending.comIvan Rivera, Investor Relations

Ivan, based in Miami and working as a loan officer, brings a unique
blend of experiences to his role. With approximately six months of
experience in the real estate sector, he has already made his mark.
His background includes ownership of a title company and previous work
in the mortgage industry during the challenging times of 2008, which
has likely provided him with valuable insights into the complexities
of the mortgage and housing market.

Beyond real estate, Ivan's career has been diverse. He has spent 15
years as the owner of Rivera Events, an event company. This
entrepreneurial experience in the events industry may contribute to
his ability to connect with clients, understand their needs, and
provide personalized service.

Ivan's multifaceted career history suggests that he brings a wide
range of skills and perspectives to his work as a loan officer in
Miami, making him a potentially valuable resource for individuals
seeking financing solutions for their real estate needs.